The Nicolai Bergmann International School of Floristry is one of Japan’s most established flower design schools.
Located in Tokyo’s most fashionable town of Omotesando, we provide a wide range of flower design and arrangement courses using both fresh and preserved flowers.
Here at our school, we offer a truly international learning experience, a first hand take on the Nicolai Bergmann unique style combining European and Scandinavian design concepts with Japanese sensitivity to detail, a style that has defined him as one of the leading figures in the field of floral art.
Lessons will be conducted by Nicolai Bergmann himself or by our senior instructors that have trained under him.
Every class will have a specific theme and with flower arrangement techniques at its core, we will provide assistance in expanding you’re creative output.
Our instructors will provide guidance and technical advice to each participating student, making sure all students are maximizing their creativity.
Lessons are conducted mainly in Japanese however, English assistance will be provided whenever necessary.
The studio setting has a Scandinavian relaxed atmosphere with hot/cold drinks and light snacks available at all times.
Students can also feel free to read from a selection of floristry books and magazines we have on display.
Come Join us at our International School of Floristry! We look forward to a creative journey with you!

Flower School from April to July, 2024

Reservations for Nicolai Bergmann School of Floristry 2024 Spring and Summer Season is now available!
The Best time to learn Spring and Summer beautiful flowers.You can enjoy many exciting flowers such as Hydrangeas, Peonies, and Summer tropical flowers. We also offer a wide variety of lessons as Mother’s Day, Bridal occasion, Limited Box and Night lesson!
Lessons from April to July 2024 can be reserved through the link.
Regardless of your level of experience, please feel welcome to join any of our lessons this coming season! 


Summer Pop-up Workshops are brought to you for a limited time during the summer with seperate themes from our regular curriculum. We have prepared fun contents ranging from lessons you can enjoy with your children and unique collaborations with various brands. All levels are welcomed and our instructors and staff will give you detailed lectures. Come join us with your creative cap on, and make core memories for this summer!



An all level creative workshop series that incorporates the use of unique floral materials.
Workshops will be led by Nicolai Bergmann himself, providing you with specific technical advice to help elevate your creative output.
Join us to expand your creativity or simply enjoy the experience with a group of friends.


Beginner Course

The beginner courses are recommended to those who wish to grasp the basic Nicolai Bergmann floral arrangement style while acquiring necessary techniques to create your own pieces.
Senior Instructor will give you step-by-step breakdown on to complete your own piece.


Intermediate Course

Courses in this series are recommended for anyone hoping to further deepen their knowledge on flower arrangement and to brush up on their floral design skills.
Join anyone of these classes to further immerse in Nicolai Bergmann’s unique world of floristry.


One of the fascinating points of preserved flower arrangements is, that they require a careful and detailed production process utilizing different techniques compared to fresh flower arrangements. Preserved flowers retain their supple touch and natural color for up to 2 years making them the perfect long-lasting gift.
In the BEGINNER course, students will be able learn the skills necessary for arranging preserved flowers with the help of our teachers’ careful instructions and assistance. For more intermediate-level students who want to learn more about the essence of preserved flower design, we offer an ADVANCED course.



The professional school is a year-long course that goes deeper into Nicolai Bergmann’s floral designs than the existing classes. It is designed for anyone aiming to acquire a higher professional skill set, especially to become a florist or work in the floristry business.


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T: 03-5464-0745
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