Nicolai Bergmann
Professional School of Floristry

Nicolai Bergmann’s Professional School of Floristry” is a year-long course that goes deeper into Nicolai Bergmann’s floral designs, a curriculum specifically designed for anyone aiming to acquire a higher professional skill set, especially to become a florist or work in the floristry business.

The course not only offers a wide range of content, including a program that allows students to master Nicolai Bergmann’s unique floral design techniques, but also vast opportunities to actively participate in the decoration of luxury hotels and flower exhibitions. This is a unique and fascinating curriculum that is only available through Nicolai Bergmann’s School of Floristry for Professionals.

Nicolai Bergmann Professional School of Floristry – Season 3
Duration: September 2024 – August 2025
(Application period: April 1, 2024 – July 31, 2024)

Applicant Requirements
Applicants should have a basic knowledge of flowers, either by having attended a certain number of our existing courses at Nicolai Bergmann International School of Floristry or by having experience working with cut flowers. If you are not sure if you meet the requirement, please inquire with one of our staff members.

*In order to receive a certificate of completion, you must attend the entire curriculum and complete the final assignment.
*Please note that if the number of applicants does not meet the minimum required capacity, the course may unfortunately be canceled.
(If you have already made the payment, we will refund the full price)
*Please refer to the brochure for details on the annual schedule and payment methods.

Nicolai Bergmann Professional School of Floristry Pamphlet  – Season 3 (PDF)

*If you are interested in enrolling, please read our brochure and fill out the Application Form below.

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