In this section, flower art beyond the imagination are exhibited.
Skillfully crafter boxes and cubes made from flowers, branches, stems, leaves, seeds and fruits take a life of its own…

Nicolai Bergmann’s original flower design style combining Scandinavian design tastes with Japanese sensibility to details are shown with an immaculate color gradation and delicate details sure to draw you in for a closer look.

Here we deliver a breathtaking, unforgettable world of Nicolai Bergmann flower designs.

The Flower Box Story

The birth of the signature flower box came about after a request that came in from a luxury brand for gift options.

The client had a specific request of 600 gifts to be handed out at a press event. There was however, limitation in storage spaces which was to be considered for the proposal from Nicolai. Stacking and storing is challenging when the gift items are fresh flowers, so at the beginning, Nicolai tried various ideas such as placing bouquets and arrangements into boxes. After much trial and error, Nicolai finally reached the idea of laying flowers directly into square boxes.

The flower box proposal did not go through in the end but because he believed in its potential, he continued to display them in the store he was working at. It was here that flower boxes first started to attract the attention of passer-by.

The birth of the flower box arrangement was soon followed by an invitation to open the very first
Nicolai Bergmann Flowers & Design store in the renowned select store ESTNATION. The flower box attracted much attention from fashion and design industries as items of unique perspective and gradually, it became increasingly popular. Today it remains as the Nicolai Bergmann Flowers & Design signature product.

In this main section, we take you back on a journey to view some of the seasonal designs and collaboration items from our flower box archive. From its birth in year 2000 to this year 2020, we have relayed flowers in all the boxes created originally. We hope you enjoy seeing the signature designs and changing appearance through the archive selection of the past 20 years.