The Nicolai Bergmann International School of Floristry is Japan’s premier school for floral design. Situated in the heart of Tokyo’s most fashionable district, Omotesando, the school welcomes students of all levels and offers a wide range of courses and workshops in both fresh, and preserved, flower design and arrangement.

The school offers students the rare opportunity to learn the unique style of floral design that has made Nicolai Bergmann a renowned florist around the world; a truly ‘international style’ mixing European floral design principles with Scandinavian style and Japanese attention to detail.

Lessons are taught by Nicolai Bergmann himself, along with a team of creative teachers who have studied for many years under his guidance and work in his boutiques across Tokyo. Each class offered at the school is developed around a set theme and focuses on building the technical skills required in floral arrangement, as well as encouraging the student’s own creative development. During each lesson our teachers take the time to address each student individually, giving personalized advice and direction, to help everyone at the school reach their maximum potential. All lessons are conducted in Japanese.

The atmosphere at the school is relaxed and friendly; students are welcome to stay after their classes and relax in the Scandinavian atmosphere. A selection of hot and cold drinks are always available, as well as light snacks. Also, the school studio features a collection of floristry magazines and books from around the world which students are free to explore to further encourage their interest in flowers & design.

Whether your interest in flowers is simply a hobby you wish to develop, or you aim to become a fully fledged professional florist – you will find what you need at this unique and talent filled school. Please feel free to give us a call anytime with your questions, or if you require any further information we are always happy to help.

Come and begin your creative new life at the Nicolai Bergmann School today!

Feel free to contact the school anytime with further questions:

Nicolai Bergmann International School of Floristry
t: 03.5464.0716


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