TOKYO: School of Floristry “Professional School” Y2024-2025 Class Reservations Open

Nicolai Bergmann International School of Floristry has opened its applications for the Year 2024-2025 of the Professional School Curriculumn.

The Professional School is a year long course that started 2 years ago aimed for students that want to further advance their careers as florists, and open future business opportunities. Students will learn in detail the depths of floral design, directed by elite Nicolai Bergmann florists and trainers. The course will guide students from reviewing basic techniques, and executing skills into dfferent scenes such as product designs, floral art for hotels, wedding and banquet designs, sometimes taking the classes off-site for hands on experience.
Our Professional School will elevate skills for any individual that would like to learn advanced florist techniques from Nicolai Bergmann’s team that has over 20 years of experience working with luxury international fashion brands and hotels.

Join us to open new doors of opportunities through our specially curated classes for professionals.

Professional School Enrollment Period:
September 2024 – August 2025 (Application period: April 1, 2024 – July 31, 2024)

*Please note that if the number of applicants does not reach the maximum number, the course may be cancelled.
*Please refer to the pamphlet for the annual schedule, payment methods, and other details.

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