Summer Collection 2024 Coastal Secrets

Coastal Secrets –
The beautiful secrets of a glimmering summer.
Embrace the heat of the moement with two distinct colorways.

Dive into the beauty of summer with the limited-edition flower box that exerts a different shine at every angle.

The collection is based on the two different colored flower boxes. “Blue Waves” is a translucent blue with a whisp of summery greens and purples and the “Pink Waves” box, is a soft pink tone with touches of yellow from the summer sun. They both have a design that reflects the ripples and bubbles of flowing water, full of summery light.

Nicolai Bergmann’s Summer Collection 2024 “Coastal Secrets” is divided into two chapters, starting with the “early summer collection” designed to bring the summer season to life, and the “midsummer collection” recreating the euphoria of peak summer season.

Enjoy the changing faces of summer together with our flowers. We hope your summer memories will shine together with our new collection.

Release Dates
Nicolai Bergmann Flowers & Design Stores  May 21st (Tuesday) ~
Nicolai Bergmann Online Shop May 17th (Friday)~

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